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The Valley
A retrospective collection with fine line drawings celebrating as love story 40 years of home.

Four Quarters

The wind has moved south
I don't recall when
I slept one moment
The garden turned green
The blackbird last evening
Sang it was spring
But this morning the cuckoo
And she has gone.

The wind has moved east
The year's growing old
I caught her whisper
The garden turned gold
The cuckoo last evening
Called summer in
But this morning the robin
And she has gone.

The wind has moved north
Its teeth are laid bare
I searched the garden
Found nothing there
The robin last evening
Cheeped autumn's song
But this morning the raven
And she has gone.

The wind has moved west
It shifted last night
I woke this morning
The garden was white
The raven last evening
Called winter home
But this morning the blackbird
And she was gone.

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