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Welcombe Overtures
A selection of 30 poems from the early longer sequence of mainly love poems and poems of home. Including two works, The Ballard of the Leat and Stages of the Solar Eclipse, which develops the Overtures' central theme.

Welcombe Beach

The pebbles are out of order. Some man's
been down to meddle with the stones again.
On the wide mindless beach this one thought
Breaks out to spoil the sea's unthinkable design.
He's been building, stone lifted onto stone
No one else on the beach, he builds a fort -
To live with himself. Sandcastles and forts
And wailing walls and burial mounds - and then
At sundown, after the last man has gone
From the shore, the sea moves in without a thought
And smooths the beach. And now the builder has gone
And the patient sea is on the move again.
It smooths the pebbles into place, and the thought
Falls into place. And I, the last thought standing alone,
Am drawn to the peace that will follow when I too have gone.

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